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About US

Gina and Warren have been producing and promoting live music events, specialising in UK Rhythm & Blues, Blues, Rock and Blues-Rock since 1998.

They met at Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden in the early 1980s and for over 20 years produced dance and musical theatre events (under the label f Aspects of Dance) for charity, including 2 Royal Galas at Richmond Theatre.


Gina was a regular visitor to The Eel Pie Island Jazz Club in the 1960s (when she was still at school) where she was lucky enough to see Cyril Davies, The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Long John Baldry and The Downliners Sect.  Warren was from the East End of London where he worked as a lawyer for 32 years, while at the same time organising annual football competitions and disco events before embarking on producing the Aspects of Dance galas.

The Eel Pie Club was started in 2000 by Gina Way and Warren Walters, and guitarist, Tom Nolanto preserve the heritage of UK Rhythm & Blues that started in the South West London area (notably on Eel Pie Island in Twickenham) in the 1960’s.   In 2010, Tom moved away from the area and since then the Club has been owned and run by Gina and Warren.

Thanks to Jennifer Noble and Paul Dubbleman for the photos.

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